In order to offer the best to our customers REAL ESTATE OBJECTIVE BELLUNO has tightened some agreements with various partner companies offering services concerning your properties.

Each of the companies has been scrupulously selected for quality / price ratio as well as for the offer reserved for our customers.

1) To comply with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 28/2011 implementing Directive 2009/28 / EC which from 1 January 2012 makes the publication of the energy class and energy performance index mandatory in the advertisements of all properties for sale, both by private individuals and from companies, has stipulated an agreement with:

Surveyor of the Free Rolando accredited certifier who can deal with the utmost speed also to the following practices:

Land Registry:

  • Fractioning of buildings, land splits
  • Cadastral firm alignment (error correction, evasion of non-inserted transfer requests)
  • volture
  • Docfa procedure: update of cadastral plans
  • U.I. stacking
  • Docfa procedure: crop variation
  • Calculations thousandths
  • Calculation of energy certificates (APE)
  • Certified real estate appraisal
  • Plant certifications: gas water light
  • Enabling L 818 (VV FF)


  • designs
  • amnesties
  • Manual and instrumental surveys of both real estate and land with data transfer in graphic drawings, with level curves
  • Construction site safety, planning and management

Family law:

  • Successions in death
  • Divisions

1) For the care of your home Specialized Interior and Exterior Whitening Company
2) Interior and exterior frames
3) Insurance
4) Loans
5) Interior Architect
6) Furniture directly from the manufacturer